The ultimate HR Manager experience for equestrian and country employers, helping you to create high performing and engaged teams so you can build the business of your dreams without the drama. 


Do you feel as though you are swimming against the tide of employee admin?

Are you so bogged down with employee drama that you're unable to focus on growing your business?

 Here's why: 

😖 You've not got the right people management systems in place to support you.
😰 You've got no way of driving people to improve their performance.
😖 You've got no way of managing people who take the p*ss.
😰 You've got no way of controlling absence levels

Your team are simply turning up, doing the bare minimum and going home, leaving you with all the stress of running a business. 

You've grown your business and your team to the point where you've lost that "small business" feel. 


But it doesn't have to be this way for you. 

😍 Imagine strolling into work at 10am, trusting that your employees all turned up on time and are working their little socks off to hit YOUR goals.

😍 Imagine knowing that whatever employee gripe might come up, you can handle it with complete confidence, safe in the knowledge that you're on the right side of employment law. 

😍 Imagine kissing goodbye to employees who are not the right fit for your business, and saying hello to those dreamy, reliable, self-starters that just want to serve your mission. 

😍 Imagine being able to take a week off without two weeks of drama and stress either side of your holiday.


Hey, I'm Shona! 
Based on the Norfolk/Cambridgeshire border, I live with my husband, our cat, dogs and our horses. I adore the countryside, country music and red wine!

I LOVE resolving challenging cases for my clients. Whether it's a long term absence case or a disciplinary matter, I love getting stuck in and giving my clients step by step support to manage the situation to a win-win resolution. 

I LOVE being able to take the stress out of people management for my clients. 

Which is why I created the Elite Plan...

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Together, the Elite Support Plan will help you to:

🟠 Curate a people plan that gets you closer to hitting your business goals
🟠 Structure your business and staff in the most cost-effective way possible
🟠 Manage any employee issue consistently, with confidence and without the drama
🟠 Reduce the administrative burden of employee requests
🟠 Create an engaged, high performing workforce


And how do we do that?


By bringing Lilac HR onboard...

Through 12 months of HR Support that includes:

💜 Unlimited HR advice via telephone calls, video conferencing or email (within working hours) so that you never have to handle anything alone

💜 Weekly calls scheduled in my diary just for you so that you have regular dedicated time with me

💜 A complete employee handbook including all related policies and procedures drafted specifically for your business so you are backed up by people management tools

💜 Full support with up to 8 employee relations cases (disciplinary, grievance etc) including investigations, hearings and appeals so you can trust that cases will be managed effectively and lawfully

💜 Development and implementation of a people strategy so that you can utilise your people in growing your business.


The Elite Plan is for you if...

 🙌 You're an equestrian or country business that has undergone or is undergoing a period of growth and development.

🙌 You're a driven, action taking, bad ass boss who strives to be better every day.  

🙌 You want a business partner by your side to tackle the good, the bad and the ugly and have a glass of wine at the end of the day! 

🙌 You want your HR support to be from a real person who gets how hard it is to be an employer and is 100% behind you.

And it's NOT for you if...

❌ You are happy bumbling along in your business, completely winging it. 

❌Your employees are simply a cost to your business. 

❌ You want to stay exactly as you are in business.


"It has been an absolute pleasure to get to know you over the last few months in what can only be described as challenging times!

When we were all in the dark and needing answers, you have been a shining light with the information we needed at the tip of your fingers. When we needed a contract, you acted quickly and efficiently with the upmost professionalism and you are always there when I have needed any advice.

In short, I cannot recommend Lilac HR highly enough. I look forward to growing our business and your input will be invaluable with that process. Thank you for making HR the easiest process it could possibly be!"

Ellen & Stuart

"I would like to thank Shona for engaging with our team at the Magpie Centre to update and improve our HR procedures and ensure that we are fully compliant with all current legal HR requirements.

Shona has designed and completed new and bespoke up to date handbooks for our staff and volunteers as well as producing all of the required policy documents to go with both handbooks. 

The results were well received by both staff and volunteers and are a useful resource and point of reference for the whole team. 

The professional, timely and supportive help that we received from Shona during a recent staffing issue helped us to understand our legal and moral responsibilities as well as guiding us through the HR process to achieve the best possible outcome for both our employee and us as employers. 

I have no hesitation in recommending Lilac HR to any business needing support and advice for all matters relating to the management of Human Resources."



To make sure you get the very best service, spaces are limited to just 4 epic employers each year.

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The Elite Plan also comes with these amazing bonuses:

💥HR system with employee self service to reduce your employee admin and streamline your day-to-day processes.

💥 Employee benefits platform including lifestyle savings and employee wellbeing to promote employee engagement in your business.

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Will I have to sign up for long contracts? 

No, at Lilac HR we don't believe in tying you in to long contracts for a "good" price because we understand how quickly your business needs can change. We like your HR support to be able to move with you.

How does it work if I have a disciplinary issue that needs handling?

With any ER issue, I take the role of your HR Manager and support you as the employer to handle the issue. I can take over the management of investigations, draft the appropriate documentation for your review, support in hearings and take notes as well as advise on the overall process. I will always guide you through the management steps needed to manage a case.

Will you just do all my HR stuff for me?

No, most HR processes need to be manager-led to be effective. However, you will have me in your back pocket to help, advise and provide you with all the tools you need.

What about Payroll? 

Payroll is not something I am qualified to do, but I can point you in the direction of people who are. You can use your Breathe HR system to prepare payroll reports.

Do I actually NEED HR? 

HR is like your accountant. You could go it alone, but it will be more time consuming, stressful and expensive in the long run. Having HR support saves you time, money and a lot of drama!

What if I use more hours than my plan allows?

I send all my clients quarterly usage reports so that we can assess whether we need to upgrade your plan or do things differently within your current plan. If you use up all your support within your plan, or would like anything extra, it is charged at an hourly rate.