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LilacHR Payroll Support

Do you dread payroll deadlines? 

Do you cringe at the thought of all those timesheets landing on your desk?

Have you grown your business but neglected the back office systems? 

It doesn’t have to be this way for you. Imagine...

Payroll weeks with no stress, no drama and no last minute panic


Having someone else to help you answer employee pay queries


A payroll process as simple as checking automatically generated reports and

authorising payments


Not having to worry about employee tax codes any more


Our Payroll support will help you to: 

Remove the stress of managing payroll so you can focus on running your business

Manage your workload by taking a big job off your plate

Stay up to date on regulation changes so you're always compliant

Manage employee pay queries with a centralised contact for payroll.

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How do we do that?

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By infusing your business with
Lilac Payroll

We will prepare your payroll to meet UK employment tax requirements and...


We will calculate PAYE & NIC deductions as well as pension contributions and statutory payments such as statutory sick pay, maternity pay etc. 


We take care of the preparation of your RTI and FPS submissions for you. 


We will provide your employees with electronic payslips which can be accessed via our secure portal. 

Notes of not for you? 

But if you...

Payroll support is 100% for you if you...

Don't have a Payroll qualification. 

Have 1 or more employees.

Hate anything to do with Payroll. 

Want to be able to trust that Payroll is being completed properly each month. 

Have better things to do with your time than run Payroll. 

Want to be confident that your Payroll processes are fully compliant. 

Are happy winging it with Payroll stuff

Are happy spending a few hours a month on Payroll processes

Aren't concerned about compliance

You might need to peruse the menu a little longer to find something more suited to your palate.

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