About Us

                                                                                         Welcome to Lilac HR!

                                                                                         My name is Shona and I am the Director of Lilac HR.

                                                                                         I am a complete country bumpkin and live with my husband, two dogs, cat and horse.

                                                                                         I am most likely to be found down the yard or curled up with my fur babies, a good

                                                                                         book and a bottle of red.

                                                                                         I've worked in HR for over 8 years now after falling into an HR Administrator job. At that

                                                                                         point, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my career and I had zero clue about what

                                                                                         HR even was. It turns out, it’s a lot of problem solving!

                                                                                         My then boss recognised my aptitude for solving employee problems with a level head

                                                                                         and coached and encouraged me to pursure HR as a career. Since that first role, I have

                                                                                         worked in various industries from food manufacturing to social care to IT and I have

                                                                                         specialised in Employee Relations for over half of my career.

Over the years, I’ve seen HR done well and I’ve seen it done poorly and I vowed I would never be the “policy police” that some HR professionals can be. I like to break the mould of your typical HR person.

I founded Lilac HR in 2018 after conversations with my hubby about what my next step in my career should be. I knew I didn’t want to manage people directly and I was sick of the politicking that comes with corporate businesses. My Dad runs his own business very successfully and I have always admired the variety of skills he has enabling him to be so successful, as well as the flexbility it offers. I’ve always dreamed of being able to help businesses be the best place to work for their employees, and that’s what Lilac HR sets out to achieve.

I pride myself on being able to approach difficult situations with a human approach. That means my focus is on the people involved in the process and the outcomes which give you a win-win.

I’m a big believer in enabling people to make decisions relevant to their business. HR should enable a business, not hinder it, and I’m really excited to start working with you to see what wins we can achieve together.



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