Well hello there! 

I'm Shona, pleased to meet you. 

The story of Lilac HR began back in 2018 over a glass of red wine after a stressful day in Employee Relations. I was stressed, underpaid and fed up with commuting to a job where I had to navigate corporate BS all the live long day. It all got in the way of what really mattered, helping managers navigate the challenges employees threw at them. 

My husband encouraged me to think about ALL my options before making the next step...and thus Lilac HR was born!

I get my kicks out of helping people unpick and resolve challenging situations with their employees. I love structuring a workforce in a way that adds significant value to a business. I love anything to do with people in business! 

My mission is to make every single one of my clients an employer of choice. To make them the best employer they can possibly be, not only because it's good for their employees, but because they can then rest easy knowing they're managing their business well. 

Whether you just want help resolving an issue, or whether you want to be the best you can possibly be, I can't wait to help you get there. 

Speak soon




I run my business the same way I do my embedding my values in everything I do.


I believe in taking a fair and reasonable approach to situations. 


I take a consistent approach to finding solutions. That means that I apply the same reasoning to a problem to find a consistent outcome. 


I have high standards, and you should too! I believe that your employees should meet your standards for your business, and I can help you achieve that. 


I believe in being open and honest with you about ALL your options. There are no hidden surprises when you work with Lilac HR.