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Will I have to sign up for a long contract? 

No, at Lilac HR we don't believe in tying you in to long contracts for a "good" price because we understand how quickly your business needs can change. We like your HR support to be able to move with you.

Will you just do all my HR stuff for me?

No, most HR processes need to be manager-led to be effective. However, you will have us in your back pocket to help, advise and provide you with all the tools you need.

What if I use more hours than my plan allows?

All plan clients have access to usage reports so that we can assess whether we need to upgrade your plan or do things differently within your current plan. If you use up all your support within your plan, or would like anything extra, it is charged at an hourly rate.

Can you help with recruitment?

Absolutely! We support clients recruitment as if we were your internal recruitment team. We help you advertise the role, shortlist candidates and even book interviews. 

How does it work if I have a disciplinary issue that needs handling?

With any ER issue, we take the role of your HR Manager and support you as the employer to handle the issue. We can take over the management of investigations, draft the appropriate documentation for your review, support in hearings and take notes as well as advise on the overall process. We will always advise you of your options for managing an issue and advise on the level of risk that comes with each option.

Do I actually NEED HR? 

HR is like your accountant. You could go it alone, but it will be more time consuming, stressful and expensive in the long run. Having HR support saves you time, money and a lot of drama!

Do you only work on retainers?

We prefer to work on retainers with our clients because it allows us to work more closely with them to develop their people management. However we do offer some services on an ad-hoc basis where capacity allows. 

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