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Our opulent, balanced blend of earthy employee relations, elegant employee engagement and plush people management, helps create performing and engaged teams that enable you to grow your business to reach its full potential, without decanting the drama! 

Lilac HR


You want to grow your business but...

Your HR to do list is getting out of control. 

You need your team to up their game but...

You’re not sure how!

You want people to take ownership of their jobs but...

You’re not sure how to encourage it. 

You want people to WANT to work for you but...

You’re not sure how to make that happen. 

Your team are simply turning up, doing the bare minimum and going home, leaving you with all the stress of running a business. 

You’ve grown your business and your team to the point where you're losing that “small business” feel. 

You feel as though you are losing control. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way for you… Imagine, 

💫 strolling into work at 10am, trusting that your employees all turned up on time and are working their little socks off to hit YOUR goals. 

💫 knowing that whatever employee gripe might come up, you can handle it with complete confidence, safe in the knowledge that you’re on the right side of employment law.

💫 kissing goodbye to employees who are not the right fit for your business, and saying hello to those dreamy, reliable, self-starters that just want to serve your mission. 

💫 being able to take a week off without two weeks of drama and stress either side of your holiday!

Together, the Lilac HR Experience will help you to: 

Enjoy the experience of having a HR Manager without the salary so that you are able to make other important investments in your business

Boost your business efficiency by outsourcing your entire HR function to one place so that you can focus your attention where it's really needed

Improve management skills within your team to release you from having to handle HR matters

Lilac HR

And how do we do that?

Sign me up!

By infusing your business with Lilac HR

For half the cost of an HR Manager, you get 12 months of HR support that includes: 


Unlimited remote HR support so that you never have to tackle HR alone


Weekly calls scheduled in the diary just for you to help you carve out time to plan and think about the future


Provision or review of your employment contracts so that your business is protected and structured in a way that works.   


A completely bespoke employee handbook so that you can manage your staff efficiently, effectively and consistently. 


Full on-site support with ER cases  (disciplinaries, grievances, absence meetings etc) including investigations, hearing and appeals so you never have to deal with the scary stuff alone. 


Development and implementation of a people strategy to help you reach your goals. 


HR Software that enables self service for holiday bookings, absence management, performance management and sharing HR policies - PAPERLESS!


Full Payroll support so that you never have to worry about HMRC submissions and an online portal for staff to view payslips. 


People process workflows so that your managers can handle people drama consistently and know exactly when they need to involve HR. 


Support with advertising roles, writing JDs, screening CVs and scheduling interviews so that you can get on with your actual job while we do the heavy lifting. 


Annual employee engagement surveys and recruitment audits so that you can address any gaps in your recruitment or engagement strategies. 


Measure employee turnover, absence rates and time to hire with your very own KPI Dashboard so that you can start to make data driven people decisions. 

Notes of not for you? 

The Lilac HR Experience is 100% for you if...

You want a fully functioning HR team but don't want the expensive price tag that comes with it. 

You have between 50 & 150 employees.

You have a standalone HR practitioner in your business who is working at full capacity and needs some help. 

But, if...

You have less than 50 employees or if you already have a fully staffed HR function...

You might need to peruse the menu a little longer to find something more suited to your palate.




Act Fast!

We only have space for one client on this very VIP package, so if you're interested in learning more, click the button below to let us know you're interested.

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