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The 12 month retainer that takes budding first time employers from feeling confused & hazy about employing staff to feeling like a cool and confident CEO. 

Is this you?

You want to grow a fruitful business with a team but...

You worry about what you'll do if the work dries up


You want to take on staff, but…

You're worried about how you'll get rid of them it they don't work out.

You want to be an employer but...

You're in a muddle about what you have to do. 

Then you're in the right place! 


Having structured time in your diary to plan your month for success.


Knowing that whatever happens in your team, you have a HR Warrior Princess to call.


Feeling cool and in control of your business. 

Horse, HR, business

Together, over 12 months,
The Heather Basics Plan will help you to: 

Gain clarity & confidence when handling people related drama in your business

Plan how to run your business each month, taking your people into account

Develop your skills as a bold and spicy CEO

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And how do we do that?

By infusing your business with Lilac HR!


With an hour carved out in your diary each month to talk HR, we can: 

  • discuss any ongoing drama and how to handle it

  • prepare for any upcoming team changes

  • pre-empt business changes that we might need to make

  • plan plan plan for world domination!

PLUS: if something comes up outside your monthly calls, you can contact our team and receive help within 7 days!​


Get all the latest employment law updates sent straight to your inbox each month

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Notes of not for you? 

The Heather Basics Plan is 100% for you if...

You know that you don't know everything about HR.

You want to get the foundations of your business right. 

You are brand new to management and HR in your business. 

But, if you...

Don't currently or plan to employ at least one person or if you...

Work predominantly with contractors or self employed people...

Then you might need to peruse the menu a little longer to find something more suited to your palate.

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