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No more wasting time scrolling Google to work out what you can and can't say to that employee who's off sick!


No more asking your Facebook friends for a template letter to copy! 

This powerfully pure HR plan is designed to help you decant the drama from your business so that you can focus on what's really important and reach your full-bodied potential.

Is employee sickness causing operational problems for you? 

Do you have problems getting staff to follow procedures? 

Here's why...

You’ve grown your team but…

You haven't grown your procedures. 

You want to be a good employer but...

you're also trying to balance running a business.

You know your team can do better but...

You're not sure how to get them to just be better!

Lilac HR

But it doesn’t have to be this way for you...

 Imagine knowing that whatever happens with your team, you have a HR Warrior Princess in your back pocket!

Imagine a full complement of procedures to support your business AND hold your team accountable.


Imagine having a team of employees who like and respect you as the boss.

Together, the Violet Growth Plan will help you to: 

✨ Create a structure within your business which enables you to hold people accountable. 

✨ Develop your management skills by working closely with our team to handle any people drama. 

✨ Drive business performance by improving your management structure and procedures. 


And how do we do that?

Sign me up!

By infusing your business with Lilac HR!

12 months of HR support including


13 hours of remote HR support so that you never have to tackle HR alone


Monthly calls scheduled in my diary just for you to help you carve out time to plan and think about the future


Provision or review of your contract of employment to ensure you are legally compliance and protected. 


Create an employee handbook to support accountability, performance standards and cultivate your company culture. 

Notes of not for you? 

Violet Growth is NOT for you if...

You don't currently have plans to grow your team. 

You are not willing to change some of the ways you work. 

Collaboration is not your bag. 

But, if you...

Have more than 5 employees

Know a bit about HR but want some help

Are gung-ho for world domination and keen to grow your team

Then this is the plan for you!

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