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Aand Breathe...

Here at Lilac HR we are Silver Accredited Partners with Breathe HR which means that not only are we trained and experienced in the use of the Breathe HR systems, but lots of our clients use it and love it! So we thought it would be a great idea to share with you exactly what Breathe can do for your business...

Manage Holidays

Employees submit holiday requests on an app on their smartphone and managers can approve or decline at the click of a button. Managers can also see a centralised team leave calendar to help them decide whether holiday can be approved.

The system will tell both the employee and the manager how much leave employees have available to take and will not allow employees to take more than their annual entitlement.

Manage Sickness Absence

Employees report their sicknesses via their app which then notifies their line manager they won't be in work. The system calculates the number of days sickness based on the employee's working pattern and calculates their Bradford Score to enable managers to see who has had the most absence. The system also shows managers a report of trends in sickness absences so you can see the percentage of absences that have taken place on certain days of the week.

Reports can also be generated to compare absence levels across the entire company!

Manage Company Documents

Breathe allows you to store company documents such as the employee handbook and other documents which require shared access in one place. Choose who can see which document and get reports on who has read the document!

Rota, Time & Attendance

Create and distribute staff rotas in minutes and with the click of a button! Managers can allocate shifts, create rota templates for recurring shift patterns and send push notifications to staff when the rota is complete. This module also allows you to generate timesheets for payroll.

Self Service App

The People Portal app means that staff can view their rota, employment records, request holiday, log sicknesses and so much more from their smart phone.


For us, the best thing about Breathe HR is how affordable it is for small businesses! Book your free demo today.

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