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Blue Monday

Even if you don't buy into the whole "most depressing day of the year" thing, you can't deny January is the actual worst.

It's long AF. It's dark. Everyone's skint or doing dry January. It's just not the vibe we want!

So I say we start a movement to make Blue Monday (17th January) the happiest day of the year! 😁 I've listed below a few ideas that you might want to implement to help brighten up boring old January.

First up, the serious stuff. Blue Monday is a great way to raise awareness of mental health & where employees can get support. Consider updating your internal posters/notice boards to include resources for support. I also recommend putting these sorts of resources on the back of the cubicle doors in the loos - it helps people who are worried about judgement from others.

Now on to the fun stuff:

  • Change everyone's screen saver to something cheerful like a kitten or a puppy. (Remember to keep it clean and inoffensive people!)

  • Do a dress down Monday

  • Do a dress down Monday with a theme like wear your PJs to work or most awful shirt

  • Put up some colourful decorations around your workplace. If you have photos of the team together and having fun, even better!

  • Encourage the team to get some daylight on their breaks with a group walk or activity

  • Treat everyone to a coffee and a cake

  • Put on a healthy breakfast/lunch

  • Play a game like office bingo

  • Finish early or start later than usual

It doesn't really matter what you do, it's just about making work a nice place for people to be and, whilst these are all great ideas for Blue Monday, it's important to remember that employee's mental health needs year round care. Where you can, try to incorporate a bit of care and fun into work year round to support employee wellbeing.

I'd love to know what you to combat the winter blues on Blue Monday, so make sure you post about it and tag me @lilachrltd

Shona x

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