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Promoting Employee Wellbeing

Promoting employee wellbeing is crucial for creating a health and productive working environment. You all know the saying, happy staff, happy customers, right?

Well, it's true!

So here are a few affordable ways that you can start to improve your employee wellbeing:

Offer wellbeing benefits

Consider additional benefits such as wellness programs, gym memberships and flexible spending accounts. These are usually low cost (approx £5 per person per month) and provide a range of benefits to support physical, mental and financial wellbeing of your staff.

Flexible work arrangements

This doesn't mean letting everyone work when they want, but instead look at how you can allow for remote working or flexible hours when it is operationally feasible. This gives staff the ability to create more of a work-life balance with minimal impact on the business.

Promote work-life balance

It's not enough to tell your staff to have a better work-life balance while you're making them work 48 hours a week. Instead, think about how you can encourage them to take breaks and regular holidays. Set clear boundaries around after-work communications, particularly in more senior roles or in smaller businesses where it's often all hands on deck.

Recognition and appreciation

By simply recognising and rewarding employees for their achievements, you will naturally create an environment where people feel appreciated and want to work harder for you. We recommend putting a scheme in place where certain achievements or milestones are celebrated consistently across the business.

If you want to explore more about how you can utilise the power of HR in your business, join us for our free masterclass on 31 October! Sign up now to claim your spot!

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