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What you need to know for August 2020

First things first - we've had a makeover! You'll see our new branding on our social media and the website is in the process of being updated too! Nothing else has changed, still the same fabulous HR support as always!

Now then, down to business. A little update on what you need to know for 1 August!

The Furlough Scheme

The Job Retention Scheme launched by the government to support businesses and workers through COVID-19 has supported 9.4 million employees so far. Until now, employers have been able to claim 80% of employee's wages, together with NI and Pension contributions.

From 1 August, employers must begin to contribute to the wages of workers by paying the NI and Pension contributions.

31 July is the deadline for employers to make claims to the scheme for periods ending on 30 June. So any claim relating to before 30 June needs to be submitted by 31 July.


Shielding was introduced for the clinically vulnerable as a measure to protect individuals and relieve pressure on the NHS. Shielding is to be paused from 1 August which means shielding individuals can return to work providing it is safe to do so.


From 1 August, employers shall be given more discretion to be able to ask staff to return to the workplace, ending any home working measures implemented as a result of lock down. But remember that employees must be consulted on any return to work plans and should not be asked to return if it is not safe to do so.

Job Retention Bonus

On 31 July we should have more information on the Job Retention Bonus. What we know so far is that employers will be able to claim a £1000 cash bonus for every employee who is brought back from furlough and kept in employment between 1 November 2020 and 31 January 2021.

If you have any queries on any of the above, please do get in touch by email, phone or social media. We're happy to help.


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