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Decadent & Deluxe HR

Updated: May 7, 2022

🔥 Do you feel as though you do nothing but put out metaphorical fires in your business?

😩 Do you feel stressed, fed up of having a team & ready to return to the solopreneur life?

Here’s why:

💜 You’ve grown your business but…

👉 You haven’t grown your expectations or boundaries with your staff

💜 You’ve tried to be the nice boss but…

👉 People are taking advantage of your good grapes

💜 You dream of a team that works in perfect harmony but...

👉 You have a team that bicker and complain about everything

💜 You want your business to be fun again but…

👉 You’re so stressed out by employee drama and potential tribunal claims that you can’t enjoy your business

But it doesn’t have to be this way for you…

😍 Imagine having a team that were 100% invested in your business mission and made your business goals a reality.

😍 Imagine knowing exactly where the risks in your business are and being certain of the steps you need to take to eliminate them so you can sleep better at night.

😍 Imagine feeling empowered by your team loving you and respecting you as the bold & spicy boss of your business that I know you are.

😍 Imagine if the dream team you mentioned earlier was no longer a dream and you could fall in love with your business again

Who am I?

I am Shona, Founder and Director of Lilac HR. Based on the Norfolk/ Cambridgeshire border, I live with my husband, our cat and two dogs and our two horses. I adore country music and red wine!

I am obsessed with infusing your business with an opulent blend of earthy employee relations management, elegant employee engagement and spicy strategy so you can grow your business to reach it's full-bodied potential without the corking drama.

I’m fully CIPD qualified and I’ve spent 10 years of my life working in Human Resources functions across a variety of industries including spending 4 of those years specialising in Employee Relations in social care.

I LOVE being able to take the stress out of people management for my clients.

By infusing your business with the most decadent & Deluxe HR Support you ever did see, you will be able to:

🍷 Manage any employee issue consistently, with confidence and without the drama

🍷 Gain clarity on the exact steps you can take to manage your people effectively and reduce the risk of tribunal claims

🍷 Set and maintain the standards of behaviour and performance you expect from your team

🍷 Develop your skills as a bold and spicy CEO.

This powerfully pure package is an intense concentration of employee relations management to help you to improve manager capability and employee accountability so that you can grow your business to reach its full-bodied potential, without the corking drama, through 12 months of HR support that includes:

🍷 30 hours of HR advice via telephone calls/ video conferencing/ email (within working hours)

🍷 Monthly calls scheduled in my diary specifically for you

🍷 A complete employee handbook including all related policies and procedures drafted specifically for your business

🍷 Full, hands-on support with up to 3 employee relations cases (disciplinary, grievance etc) including investigations, hearing and appeals

🍷 Provision or review of 3 types of employment contract

Sounds tasty right? 👇

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