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The CIPD's New Code of Conduct and Ethics

The Chartered Institute of Professional Development (HR Hogwarts for those who don't know) has always had a code of ethics that all it's members (including us!) are required to comply with, but it's been updated recently.

So we thought we'd share with you what it's all about and how we live up to it!

😁Positive and Active Impact on Working Lives

As external HR providers, the best way that we can serve the employees of all the businesses we work with is to support the business leaders to be fantastic employers in every sense. We work with our clients to improve their knowledge and understanding of employment law and how to apply it to every day situations. We support our clients to deal with difficult situations like an absolute pro, not only to protect their business, but so that their employees have a great employee experience.

🌎Civic Virtue and Stewardship

One of our core values is supporting rural businesses, for the simple reason that we're a rural business ourselves! We understand the important that our family owned, small, rural businesses play in our rural communities. So it's incredibly important to us that we not only shop local, but that we can play an active role in ensuring these vital businesses in our community continue to prosper.

🥰Good Character

Our HR Warrior Princess has a reputation for her no-nonsense approach to HR. She doesn't do fluff, she says it like it is, and that's a great skill to have when you're trying to advise a client on how to approach a tricky situation. We don't believe in telling clients what they must and must not do because it's their business. Our role is to advise our clients of the risks of the decisions they may wish to make. We believe in being transparent, consistent and setting high standards in everything we do and I think our clients will agree that good character is rife at Lilac HR.

💯Professional Service and Competence

Although we are a small team, we are committed as a business to ensuring that our staff are fully trained in what they do. Our HR Warrior Princess, Shona has two diplomas in HR Management along with over 10 years experience in generalist HR roles and Employee Relations Management. And our Admin Battle Angel, Sandra is currently studying her AAT in Bookkeeping. As a team we are continuously developing and honing our skills to give you the best possible service.

🙋‍♀️Personal Responsibility

Although we are an external HR team for our clients, we are always aware of the impact our HR procedures have on the employees on the other side of the table. Thanks to our 10 years of corporate HR experience, we are able to prioritise cases effectively to ensure there are no unreasonable delays in supporting our clients and their teams because we understand how distressing this HR stuff can be.

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