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Why Lilac HR?

If you've been following us for a while, you'll probably know exactly why you might want to work with Lilac HR. But if you're new here...hello! This blog is for you!

At Lilac HR we are obsessed with infusing your business with an opulent blend of earthy employee relations management, elegant employee engagement and spicy strategy so you can grow your business to reach it's full-bodied potential without the corking drama.

And how do we do that? 👇

We make HR easy🍋

Employment law is pretty black and white. But people and their actions often land you in the grey areas. And that's where Lilac HR comes in. We don't just paint everything purple, we help you understand how to apply employment law and how to know which rules can be bent so you can manage your staff effectively within your business. We help you develop your skills and knowledge so that you can be super-duper confident in leading your team to reach your goals. We make sure that we guide you on the levels of risks involved with your staff and help you manage those risks accordingly.

We build partnerships🥂

Since my corporate days, I have LOVED working with leaders within various businesses in a partnership. I never tell my clients what to do, because I don't run their business! My job is to help them steer their business around risks that could potentially sink them. I want all my clients to feel that they have someone they can share the burden of employment with. Someone they can rant to or cry to where there is no fear of judgement, just a partner in crime to help them create their dream business.

We support rural businesses 🐴

We are based on the Norfolk/Cambs border in a little rural village surrounded by fields where the Fen wind doth blow! Being a country bumpkin, it's super important to me that we support our rural communities and businesses wherever possible. That means not only shopping local, but making professional services relatable and accessible to businesses who need it. I fully believe that just because your business is based from your farm cottage with questionable wi-fi, it doesn't mean you have to settle for anything less than top notch HR support! It just means you need to let me know when to bring my wellies! We love every single one of our farm, equestrian centre and rural business clients.


If you need any more convincing that we can help your rural business smash your business goals, nab yourself a complimentary HR Taster Session here.

​We have several client spaces available on various packages and we would love to support you!


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