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How to Make Recruitment Easy

On the face of it, recruitment is a simple process. Post a job ad, interview some folks and hire someone. But in practice, it's much more complex and can be a total nightmare if you don't know how to leverage tech to your advantage.

Create compelling job descriptions

This is the first step to reducing the number of irrelevant applications you receive for your job ad. Your job description needs to talk to your dreamiest of employees. It should make the best of the best in your industry think - holy cow! I want that job! But it should also make unsuitable candidates look elsewhere. Much like your marketing, you only want to attract the ideal candidates.

Utilise tech

I hear the technophobes groaning and eye rolling already! But honestly, the right bit of tech can make recruitment SO MUCH EASIER. I've done recruitment campaigns where they all come into my inbox and I somehow have to keep track of all the applicants, which ones I've forwarded to managers and which ones I've rejected. It's hard work and admin heavy. BUT, with the right Applicant Tracking System (ATS) (such as the ATS we provide), you can post your job out to multiple online job boards and collect all the applications in one place. You can even schedule interviews, invite other managers to review applications and upload interview notes to their record all within one system saving you all that effort!

Automate recruitment

I'm not suggesting you automate your interview process, but utilise the automations within online platforms and ATS to help you with your initial screening of candidates. You can usually use qualifying questions where if the candidate gives you anything but the answer you want, they are automatically rejected - saving you even more time. If you have an automatic interview scheduler, use it! Email ping pong is a thing of the past!

Structure your interviews

Develop a structured interview process with pre-determined questions and criteria to measure candidates against to help you assess relevant skills, experience and cultural fit. This will help you to be consistent and keep track of who is the highest scoring candidate.

Remember, Lilac HR can help with your recruitment process from start to finish by acting as your internal recruitment support. No agency fees, no BS.

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