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How Lilac HR does Well-being

We know how important it is to look after the health, safety and well-being of our employees. Happy team = happy customers after all!

But how can small businesses keep up with the wellbeing benefits offered by big corporates?

At Lilac HR, we have 1 full time employee (me) and 3 associates supporting with everything from general office admin to employee relations. So we understand the challenges our SME clients face. Here's how we care for the wellbeing of our team.

Flexible Working

Our team all work remotely. The systems and software we have in place enable us to work transparently and keep track of tasks at all times. So there really is no need to be in the office all the time. We get together in the office to discuss big projects or just to have a co-working day to have a change of scenery. This gives the team full flexibility to continue their own CPD, work on other projects and work when it suits them.


Our whole team has access to perks and discounts via our benefits partner, Secret Chevalier for just £5 per month per person. The platform allows the team to get discounts and cashback on everything from their weekly shop to their airport parking as well as offering free mental health and financial wellbeing tools.

Team Activities

We're big fans of team building activities at Lilac HR. We organise team meals out, Christmas parties and even arrange for a massage therapist to visit the office once a month so the team can get a massage during the working day!


Ultimately, well-being initiatives come down to what matters to your staff. But a great starting point is to implement 3 things that look after your team's physical, mental and financial health.


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